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How Does A Metal Roof Keep Your Home Cool In Greenville, NC?

How Does A Metal Roof Keep Your Home Cool In Greenville, NC?

How Does A Metal Roof Keep Your Home Cool In Greenville, NC?


Depending on various factors, a metal roof can protect your home against drastic climate events while also helping you save money on your energy bills. That’s why homeowners are also waking up to metal roofs for long-term saving opportunities.

In addition to these benefits, our metal rooftops are also quite adept at keeping your home cool. Here are some ways to explain how.

It Reflects The Sun’s Rays

Unlike asphalt shingles that absorb a significant amount of heat from the sun, metal roofs can reflect most of the sun’s rays without compromising the insulation of your home. This feature keeps your home’s temperature regulated which contributes to your energy saving.

Our metal roofs guarantee a 40% cutback on your energy expenses and come with a lifetime warranty.

Metal Roofs Are Lightweight

Contrary to rooftops made using asphalt shingles, metal roofs cool down faster since they’re not as thick or heavy and therefore are much more successful at keeping your home cool. This lightweight quality is also how your metal roof keeps from heating up in the summer.

They Can Be Painted For Greater Insulation

Our metal roofing installers use smart paint technology developed using fluoropolymer resin to increase their reflectability. And we have over 15 colors that you can choose from to go with your home’s aesthetic.

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We Install Well-Ventilated Metal Roofs

Keeping your home cool also requires you to think about how your rooftop will ventilate the house. Luckily, our experts are well-versed in installing metal roofs that use both static ventilation and ridge vents to keep a natural flow of air in your home.

A well-insulated and ventilated roof also keeps mold and fungus away, as there’s less chance of moisture getting trapped in the ceiling.

With our metal roofing solutions, your home in Greensville, NC, will end up saving around 40% on your energy bills while keeping your home cool! That’s why we say that installing a metal rooftop by Gator Metal Roofing is an investment in your future.

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