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4 Most Googled FAQs About Metal Roofing—Answered!

4 Most Googled FAQs About Metal Roofing—Answered!

4 Most Googled FAQs About Metal Roofing—Answered!


Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular across America, especially in areas where climate changes are more extreme. As an alternative to asphalt and other materials, metal roofs are quite adept at protecting your home from the atmosphere outside while also being easy to install.

Here are some of the most googled FAQs about metal roofing that you should go over if you’re just getting started with your research.

1. Are Metal Roofs Durable?

Compared to asphalt shingles, metal roofs are a lot more durable, as they’re better suited to withstand harsher climates. This includes hail and snow, which residents of North Carolina are quite familiar with. Because metal roofs have a smooth surface, they easily shed snow, which significantly reduces the chances of leaks and corrosion, making them last quite a long time.

2. Are Metal Roofs Fireproof?

One common FAQ about metal roofs that we get asked a lot is if they attract lightning or can catch fire. Lay your worries to rest because not only are metal roofs non-combustible, they also don’t have a higher chance of getting struck by lightning.

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3. Is It Difficult To Install A Metal Roof?

Since metal is more malleable when compared to clay tiles or brick shingles, the installation process of metal roofs is fairly simple and easy to manage. We always recommend hiring a well-reputed team of specialists to undertake roof repairs and installations, as the experts can wrap up the work in little to no time.

4. Can Metal Roofs Withstand Strong Winds?

Another common FAQ about metal roofing that we get asked often is how metal roofs fare against winds from thunderstorms and hurricanes. Depending on their construction, most metal roofs can take up to 140 mph and not get damaged, while others can even take some impact damage without needing repairs.

Need a metal roof specialist or contractor to best advise you? Get connected with Gator Metal Roofing in North Carolina, where all your remaining FAQs about metal roofing can be addressed. If you wish to install a metal roof on your commercial property, call us directly to get your free estimate before the construction begins!


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