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For almost everyone, your home is the single largest and most important asset that you own. Check out our Metal Roof Buying Guide that covers the essential answers to your questions.

Before anything can and should happen, you need to have your roof damage assessed by a professional. Minute details can be the difference between you needing some minor repairs or all our roof replacements.

Minor roof problems quickly get more expensive, by not addressing issues soon will only serve to prevent future headaches. If your roof is beyond repair, it’s time to make the smart choice and replace it.

Certain home repairs can wait – things like burnt-out lightbulbs or a hole in your screened-in porch. A potentially leaky roof is NOT something that can wait – it can quickly lead to mold & mildew issues, not to mention what it can do to your rafters and walls.

Shingles are incredibly popular because of how simple they are to install while remaining relatively inexpensive. Shingles have their pros and cons, of course as they need more regular repairs and will have to be replaced sooner than almost any other roofing material. Our Gator Metal Roofs come with a lifetime warranty among a long list of other great benefits. Read our Guide to Metal Roofing versus Shingles Here.

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40% Energy Savings Pledge. If you don’t save 40% on your energy bills in the first year, we’ll pay the difference.**

Best Price Guarantee. We’ll match any roof quote.

Lifetime Warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty is for the lifetime of the roof and is transferable to the new homeowner.

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Thinking of adding a metal roof to your mobile home? Let our experts come out to your place and provide an in-home estimate FREE of charge. You’ll love the new look and more importantly, feel that sense of comfort and safety for decades to come. Visit our Mobile Homes on Metal Roofs page to see more fantastic examples of our roofing jobs. With unpredictable weather throughout the North Carolina region, it is important to have your home protected for all conditions. 

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So many different factors are going to go into and affect your final roofing material choice. The average weather in the area you live in is an essential factor to consider. Your overall budget and even how long you plan to stay in the home and your plans for it. Even the color you want can partially dictate what roofing material you choose, as some offer far more and better color options than others.

You also have options that tend to be more expensive upfront but offer longer-lasting value to you. A metal roof can last at least 50 years, if not 100 depending on the type of metal used, the paint used, and how well it was installed.

Take a look at our complete List of Frequently Asked Questions to consider when buying a roof for your home. 

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One fantastic upside of choosing a metal roof is that almost every piece can be recycled again and again after it’s served its lifespan as a roof, making them a far more sustainable choice than asphalt shingles. The ability to reflect heat and sunlight makes metal roofs a far more energy-efficient roof as they block the majority of the outside heat from transmitting anywhere close to your home.

Asphalt shingles also have a drastically shorter lifespan than metal roofing. Consequently of that American landfills receive on average 20 billion pounds of old asphalt shingles every year. To make matters worse, asphalt shingles are petroleum-based, further increasing dependency on fossil fuels and polluting landfills.

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I heard about Gator metal roofing on TV. I called them and a appointment was set up for the next day. I was impressed with the lifetime warranty and was shown different samples of metal and colors. Everyone was very professional from the salesman to the installer. My roof looks great so I have given them a 5 star rating. Thanks to everyone.
Debra Hamilton
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We got the berry color metal roof and it turned out very nice. The two men who put the metal roof on were very respectful and they did a great job. The salesman Tony we saw first was a very nice and helpful man.
Cemmian Francis
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We saw their ad on the TV one morning and called and in two days they had someone come out at our convenience, which was a Sunday, and gave us a very in-depth presentation of what they had to offer after he did the inspection. They did the roof in one day and they were so professional!!! We have peace of mind that the job was done so quickly and correctly. We love our new roof!!!
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Fantastic!! We are happily satisfied with our new metal roof. The service is great and we are so pleased with the installation and finished roof!

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If you are happy with your quote and for us to go ahead, we will install your new metal roof.


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