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For almost everyone, your home is the single largest and most important asset that you own.

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That, in turn, means that it’s something worth taking care of.

Even the untrained eye can generally tell when a roof needs some work.

Assess Damage, Repair, or Replace?

Before anything can and should happen, you need to have your roof damage assessed by a professional. Minute details can be the difference between you needing some minor repairs or all our roof replacements.

Certain home repairs can wait – things like burnt-out lightbulbs or a hole in your screened-in porch. A potentially leaky roof is NOT something that can wait – it can quickly lead to mold & mildew issues, not to mention what it can do to your rafters and walls.

Minor roof problems quickly get more expensive, by not addressing issues soon will only serve to prevent future headaches. If your roof is beyond repair, it’s time to make the smart choice and replace it.

Deciding on a Type of Roof

So many different factors are going to go into and affect your final roofing material choice. The average weather in the area you live in is an essential factor to consider. Your overall budget and even how long you plan to stay in the home and your plans for it. Even the color you want can partially dictate what roofing material you choose, as some offer far more and better color options than others.

Shingles are incredibly popular because of how simple they are to install while remaining relatively inexpensive. Shingles have their pros and cons, of course – they need more regular repairs and will have to be replaced sooner than almost any other roofing material. But you are still saving money on that initial install, and you can rest assured that materials and knowledgeable installers will always be available.

You also have options that tend to be more expensive upfront but offer longer-lasting value to you. A metal roof can last at least 50 years, if not 100 depending on the type of metal used, the paint used, and how well it was installed.

Top Advantages of a Gator Metal Roof

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Buying Guide Considerations

Consider potential warranties

We’ll let you know right off the bat, metal roofs from Gator Metal Roofing come with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. Warranties are excellent in theory, but be sure to ask questions and read the fine print here to ensure you are getting what you think you are.

Types of Roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has a reputation for being incredibly durable, requiring almost zero maintenance, reflecting heat with incredible efficiency, and just another plus, they are entirely non-flammable.

Installation is quite a bit more involved and just overall very different from something like asphalt shingle installation.

All of our metal roofs are painted with Smart Paint Technology. It is the absolute top of the line when it comes to painting products. It will never crack, never fade, and never peel away.

Asphalt Roof Shingles

Asphalt shingles are affordable, decently durable, and available in a various colors, making them a popular choice for roofs all across America. Traditional asphalt shingles are made from fiberglass that is compacted between asphalt and ceramic granules.

The fiberglass provides rigid strength, the asphalt gives a solid waterproof layer, and the ceramic granules are great for reflecting UV light away.

A quick, affordable solution for anyone. Maybe not the perfect solution for someone that wants more long-term and maintenance-free roofing.


Clay and Concrete Tile / Slate Roofing

Clay or concrete tiling is another roofing choice for a homeowner looking to keep a natural rustic look while investing in a roof with a lifespan of 50-100 years.

Because of the sheer weight of the roofing material, they require a more robust base roof structure to support them than other roofing materials do.

These tend to be more often found in warm fire-prone climates because they are fire-resistant, absorb heat slowly, and feature extreme durability, all with no risk of rotting or breaking down.

James Burnett Sr.
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I heard about Gator metal roofing on TV. I called them and a appointment was set up for the next day. I was impressed with the lifetime warranty and was shown different samples of metal and colors. Everyone was very professional from the salesman to the installer. My roof looks great so I have given them a 5 star rating. Thanks to everyone.
Debra Hamilton
Real Reviews
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We got the berry color metal roof and it turned out very nice. The two men who put the metal roof on were very respectful and they did a great job. The salesman Tony we saw first was a very nice and helpful man.
Cemmian Francis
Real Reviews
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We saw their ad on the TV one morning and called and in two days they had someone come out at our convenience, which was a Sunday, and gave us a very in-depth presentation of what they had to offer after he did the inspection. They did the roof in one day and they were so professional!!! We have peace of mind that the job was done so quickly and correctly. We love our new roof!!!
Real Reviews
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Fantastic!! We are happily satisfied with our new metal roof. The service is great and we are so pleased with the installation and finished roof!

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