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Metal Roofing vs. Asphalt Shingles

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energy-star-gator100Roofing technology and techniques have seen drastic improvements in recent times – and metal roofing has quickly risen to become the clear choice for roofing thanks to its incredible durability and longevity.

If you’ve spent any time at all looking into installing a new roof, you’ve likely been floored by the sheer amount of different options that are available to you. Shingles are undoubtedly the most popular roofing material today because they are easy to maintain, cost-effective, weather-resistant, and reliable.

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The History of Asphalt Shingles

500 tax creditAsphalt shingles are originally an American invention, first used in 1901. They can attribute a lot of their popularity to a movement by the US National Board of Fire Underwriters to stop using wood shingles on roofs in the 1920s, which was very successful.

At first, almost all shingles were organic. Cotton rag was commonly used as the base material until the 1920’s when economic and wartime stresses caused the prices of cotton rag to increase, prompting manufacturers to seek cheaper alternatives.

gator energy savings 3Eventually, manufacturers landed on asphalt – the perfect temporary roofing material.  It is incredibly cheap for them to mass produce, and it needs to be fully replaced at least 3 times in every home’s life cycle, designed to be a temporary solution. Perfect for the roofer that wants to guarantee himself a lifelong customer, whether you like it or not!

Metal Roofing is Everything Shingles Wish They Were

All our metal roofing, called substrate, is made from Galvalume, a German technology, that emulates galvanized steel and is coated with a mixture of zinc and aluminum and siliconized coating to protect against corrosion and rust. Perfect for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications alike.

Galvalume metal is perfect for accents on your office building, rustic and modern style homes, even stores and restaurants. The Galvalume metal itself has more of a matte finish and it just has a bit more subtlety than the traditional shiny metal roof panels.

Metal roofs made with Galvalume metal are coated with a unique mixture of zinc, aluminum, and silicon coating to help resist scuffs, scratches, and anything that may hurt your metal roof! This incredible mixture helps the Galvalume metal resist rust and corrosion much better than traditional galvanized steel, giving it a longer lifespan on average.

Top Advantages of a Gator Metal Roof

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  • green check mark 24h 1Lifetime warranty
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Sustainability and recyclability

recycle globe1One fantastic upside of choosing a metal roof is that almost every piece can be recycled again and again after it’s served its lifespan as a roof, making them a far more sustainable choice than asphalt shingles. The ability to reflect heat and sunlight makes metal roofs a far more energy-efficient roof as they block the majority of the outside heat from transmitting anywhere close to your home.

Asphalt shingles also have a drastically shorter lifespan than metal roofing.Consequently of that American landfills receive on average 20 billion pounds of old asphalt shingles every year. To make matters worse, asphalt shingles are petroleum-based, further increasing dependency on fossil fuels and polluting landfills.

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1-2-3 Promise

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  • 40% Energy Savings Pledge**
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty

40% Energy Savings Pledge. If you don’t save 40% on your energy bills in the first year, we’ll pay the difference.**

Best Price Guarantee. We’ll match any roof quote.

Lifetime Warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty is for the lifetime of the roof and is transferable to the new homeowner.

40% Energy Savings
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Our metal roofs pay for themselves!

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“They just finished installing and did a great job. Everyone in the crew was friendly and very courteous. They cleaned up everything before they left.

Their prices were very fair too! Thank you for your work.”

George C.
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“They just finished installing and did a great job. Everyone in the crew was friendly and very courteous. They cleaned up everything before they left.

Their prices were very fair too! Thank you for your work.”

George C.
The Gator Metal Roof
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