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Energy Efficient Metal Roof

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Why is Smart Paint Technology The Right Choice for Your Metal Roof?

A lot of homeowners focus most of their energy on finding something that looks good and has great curb appeal.

energy-star-gator100We know that appearance matters, but we also want to work hard to help you guard the investment you are making in your roof. Smart Paint Technology energy-star rated metal roofs offer extreme protection for decades to come while looking incredible and coming in a wide variety of color options.

The Smart Paint Technology offer home and commercial building owners alike durable long-lasting roofs that easily retain the same level of curb appeal year after year. Absolutely no compromises on long-term protection and durability.

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Lifetime Warranty | 18 Colors | Permanent

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So what IS Smart Paint Technology?

500 tax creditTo be specific, Smart Paint Technology is used by all of the leading paint manufacturers to create incredibly durable and long-lasting coatings, perfect for use on surfaces like metal roofs! Smart Paint Technology has the most energy-efficient paint pigments because it reflects the sun’s rays.

We believe in the energy efficiency that we offer a 40% Energy Savings Pledge. If your energy bill doesn’t decrease by 40% in the first year, we will pay the difference**. You can think of it as just another strong layer of protection on top of what is already the best roofing material on the market, metal.

gator energy savings 3Why Choose Smart Paint Technology for your Metal Roof?

Let’s briefly review all the components in your average paint system. That would be pigment, resin (binding agent), and solvents. The pigment is the main determiner of your overall color, and the resin is what binds and holds everything together. Smart Paint Technology systems have been proven to offer the highest resistance to chalking and panel fade of any metal roof paint on the market. Low-quality resins are going to result in your new metal roof fading much quicker than it should.

When it comes to an asset as important to you as your home, it’s worth taking the time to weigh your options and ensure you’re making the best long-term choice. Because of the incredible protection that Smart Paint Technology offers from fading and chalking, you can rest easy knowing your metal roof will look fantastic for decades after initial installation. You’ll always be ready for those unexpected surprises from mother nature – and no need for touch-up paint jobs or repairs after an unexpectedly intense storm.

Smart Paint Technology will help your metal roof fight off rust & corrosion, keeping it from fading or peeling as well. We all know how unsightly peeling paint can be on a car – just imagine that on your entire roof! With Smart Paint Technology products, you do not have these issues. Not to mention the impact of having an energy star rated metal roof.

Top Advantages of a Gator Metal Roof

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  • green check mark 24h 1Lifetime warranty
  • green check mark 24h 1Energy Star Rated
  • green check mark 24h 1$500 Tax Credit
  • green check mark 24h 118 beautiful colors
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Energy Savings

With metal roofs the color is going to play a role in your energy efficiency, but with our Smart Paint Technology roofs, even the darkest colors are energy star rated metal roofing because the technology has advanced so far.

Lighter colors are always going to work slightly better though – something like an energy star rated white metal roof could stay 50+ degrees cooler than a dark asphalt shingle.

metal roof raleigh gator ad 5Picking out the Right Color for Your Metal Roof

Picking out the perfect color for your metal roof is an incredibly exciting step, more so than ever today, just because of the number of options you have available to choose from.

That can, in turn, also make it quite overwhelming. First off, we want to make sure you know that all colors of our metal roofs are energy-star rated, even our black colored roofs!

They all have essentially the same performance levels because of the incredibly high-tech paint resin that we use on all metal roofs.

Enough Color Variety to Work Anywhere for Anyone

Obviously, the color that you end up choosing for your metal roof needs to match the overall style of your home.

Remember, your metal roof is going to have the same exact color to it for many years to come, so make sure it’s something you’re sure you like.

Today your color choices are near limitless so it’s totally up to you to decide what color you want on your metal roofing. Choosing a color for your roof that contrasts with your home’s siding or brick color will instantly help your home stand out and command attention.

On the other hand, choosing complementary colors will create a monochromatic scheme that will convey a more classic look and feel. You even always have the option of choosing a bare metal, really giving you a unique appearance.

The Smart Paint Technology finish is the industry standard now. No other metal roof coating system can withstand nature and time, quite like Smart Paint Technology. Your metal will always look as vibrant as it did when you had it installed for a long time to come, thanks to the Smart Paint Technology and its ability to retain color and gloss.

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1-2-3 Promise

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  • 40% Energy Savings Pledge**
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty

40% Energy Savings Pledge. If you don’t save 40% on your energy bills in the first year, we’ll pay the difference.**

Best Price Guarantee. We’ll match any roof quote.

Lifetime Warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty is for the lifetime of the roof and is transferable to the new homeowner.

40% Energy Savings
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Our metal roofs pay for themselves!

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“They just finished installing and did a great job. Everyone in the crew was friendly and very courteous. They cleaned up everything before they left.

Their prices were very fair too! Thank you for your work.”

George C.
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“They just finished installing and did a great job. Everyone in the crew was friendly and very courteous. They cleaned up everything before they left.

Their prices were very fair too! Thank you for your work.”

George C.
The Gator Metal Roof
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