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The Benefits of Metal Roofing

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If you don’t save 40% on your energy bills in the first year, we’ll pay the difference.**

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From energy efficiency to appearance and how long they look good for – metal roofing comes out on top.

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Metal roofs were once primarily used for commercial projects, but today they are the single fastest growing and longest lasting roofing material used for both commercial and residential purposes across the United States.

A new roof is a big investment period at the end of the day, and more homeowners are putting their trust in metal roofing than ever. Once you learn all the benefits of metal roofing, you likely will be in agreement.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Energy Efficient

Metal roofing with Smart Paint Technology is the most energy efficient building product you can install in your home. The US government has given it the Energy Star label.

The roof pays for itself with Gator Metal Roofing’s 40% Energy Savings Pledge. Within the first year, if you don’t see a 40% reduction in energy costs, we will pay the difference.**

asons we at Gator Metal Roofing think metal roofing is set apart from any other roofing material.

Sustainable Roof Material

Metal roofs are 100% recyclable. Once their lifespan is up they can be recycled again and again, making them far more environmentally friendly than asphalt shingles for example. Not only are asphalt shingles petroleum based (increasing the need for fossil fuels) but it’s estimated that landfills receive nearly 20 billion pounds of old asphalt shingles every single year.

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Metal roofs become an asset over the years and add to a home’s value whereas asphalt shingles become a liability to the homeowner. Asphalt shingles start breaking down over time. According to the Army Corps of Engineers, Galvalume metal roofs can last about 100 years.


All of our metal roofing, called substrate, is from Galvalume, a German technology that emulates galvanized steel and is coated with a mixture of zinc and aluminum and siliconized coating to protect against corrosion and rust.

We only use Smart Paint Technology, the key to guarding your investment. The makers of Smart Paint Technology have engineered metal-painting compounds backed by tough warranties, because their paints have proven themselves decade after decade.

Top Advantages of a Gator Metal Roof

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James Burnett Sr.
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I heard about Gator metal roofing on TV. I called them and a appointment was set up for the next day. I was impressed with the lifetime warranty and was shown different samples of metal and colors. Everyone was very professional from the salesman to the installer. My roof looks great so I have given them a 5 star rating. Thanks to everyone.
Debra Hamilton
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We got the berry color metal roof and it turned out very nice. The two men who put the metal roof on were very respectful and they did a great job. The salesman Tony we saw first was a very nice and helpful man.
Cemmian Francis
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We saw their ad on the TV one morning and called and in two days they had someone come out at our convenience, which was a Sunday, and gave us a very in-depth presentation of what they had to offer after he did the inspection. They did the roof in one day and they were so professional!!! We have peace of mind that the job was done so quickly and correctly. We love our new roof!!!
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Fantastic!! We are happily satisfied with our new metal roof. The service is great and we are so pleased with the installation and finished roof!

Getting a New Metal Roof is Easy!

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If you are happy with your quote and for us to go ahead, we will install your new metal roof.


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