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Busting the Most Common Metal Roofing Myths

Busting the Most Common Metal Roofing Myths

Busting the Most Common Metal Roofing Myths


As one of the most experienced and long-standing roofing teams in NC, we’ve heard various metal roofing myths over the years. Today, we’ve decided to address and debunk the most popular ones.

Continue reading this blog to separate facts from fiction about metal roofs and learn why our metal roofs are the most sought-after roofing option in the area.

Myth #1: Metal Roofs Are Heavy

Not at all. In fact, metal roofs are the lightest roofing products compared to asphalt, slate, tile, and concrete roofing. They’re manufactured in a seamless panel-like structure, which is easy to lift, install, and reinforce.

Myth #2: Metal Roofs Are Noisy

Homeowners think that metal roofs are noisy and cause repetitive sound resonances, AKA echoing. Contrary to popular belief, metal roofs are built to reduce noisiness and provide a calm, relaxing environment. They can be combined with quality noise insulation panels to reduce noise levels. They provide excellent resistance against noise pollution, wind, and rain.

Myth #3: Metal Roofs Cause Heat Loss

Metal roofs made with poor-quality, thin metal sheets can cause overheating and temperature issues inside a property. The key is to choose a galvanized steel, insulated metal roofing product to ensure maximum eco-friendliness and energy conservation.

High-grade metal roofs can reduce your home reduce your monthly energy consumption by as much as 20% and lead to annual energy savings of 40%!

Myth #4: Metal Roofs Are Unappealing

A seamless metal roof in red color

This is where our high-end, tech-driven Color Visualizer tool comes into action!

At Gator Metal Roofing, we believe in maximizing the aesthetic appeal of your metal roofs by providing a wide array of color options. You can choose from 14 different color shades, including red, blue, grey, and black.

What’s more, you can get your metal roof made in shingle, tile, and standing seam styles to mimic the look of asphalt or tile roofing. In short, metal roofs aren’t noisy, unappealing, or inefficient. They’re an affordable and excellent addition to any property. Learn more about metal roofs by exploring our homeowner resources section online.

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Gator Metal Roofing takes immense pride in being the most trusted metal roof contractor in North Carolina. Our premium quality Galvalume metal roofs paired with Smart Pain technology are known for their wide range of colors, over 100 years of lifespan, and stylish appeal.

Talk to us and schedule an in-home consultation today or check out our Color Visualizer tool to pick the perfect metal roof color to match your home’s curb appeal.

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