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From Tin To Modern Metals: The Evolution Of Metal Roofs And Their Popularity

From Tin To Modern Metals: The Evolution Of Metal Roofs And Their Popularity

From Tin To Modern Metals: The Evolution Of Metal Roofs And Their Popularity


When did metal roofs replace asphalt and brick shingles? Better yet, when did metal start being used to create rooftops? In this piece, we answer all your questions related to the evolution of metal roofs so you can understand why they’re a viable option for your home.

Metal roofs offer unparalleled durability and protection against climate disasters. Here’s a brief explanation of how this material became the top roofing material for the people of North Carolina.

The History Of Metal Roofing

The evolution of metal roofs dates back to the 1700s when the use of copper and lead was growing common to make roofs. Gradually, these materials were used to make important buildings, such as banks and churches, until the 19th century when sheet metal entered the market.

Sheet Metal

For its time, sheet metal was considered to be quite revolutionary, given the added protection it provided against the climate, as well as the added durability of the material. The most notable use of sheet metal was to repair Princeton’s Nassau Hall after it caught on fire in 1802.

Aerial view of a red-colored roof after construction work has been completed.

From Iron To Metal Roofs

As scientific experimentation became more complex, the evolution of metal roofs continued, leading to different forms of iron used to make rooftops. But their efficacy could not match metal’s, which eventually led to the material becoming quite popular in the mid-19th century.

Metal has since only grown more popular, and with insulation mechanisms getting better as well, the world woke up to metal roofs for residential and commercial properties alike.

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