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How To Give Your Home A Complete Makeover

How To Give Your Home A Complete Makeover

How To Give Your Home A Complete Makeover


Looking after one’s home is important – your living space shouldn’t just make you feel safe but should also fill you with life and optimism every time you glance at it.

Since new seasons pave the way for new trends and décor elements, it’s time to indulge in heartwarming accessories and décor ideas to achieve that perfect balance of fun and eclectic.

If you’re looking for a fun way to refresh your living space instantly, you’re at the right place!

Read on to learn how to plan a home makeover with just a few fresh installations.

A Visually Impactful Color Display

Never underestimate the power of pairing bold and neutral hues. It’s time to ditch the kitschy colors and accessories and let bold accents create the visual cacophony to make your living spaces stand out.

How can you incorporate color into your home? Opt for wallpapers with dramatic metallic designs, and strategically place bright-toned accents around your rooms. This is a wonderful way to create a focal point in your rooms, especially if you select jewel tones like cherry red panels, plush carpeting in emerald green, petrol blue backsplashes, etc.

Terrazzo Surfaces Can Make a Huge Impact

a mug placed on a terrazzo surface.

Did you know prospective homebuyers are more attracted to houses with trendy surfaces?

Terrazzo surfaces and flooring is having a moment in the residential real estate world, and a report by Zillow reveals that this feature brings in a 2.6% price premium on average.

Terrazzo was used by ancient Romans and Greeks and became very popular in Venice during the 1400s.

You can never go wrong by installing these trendy surfaces in your home to achieve a cohesive-looking space that sparks absolute joy.

Metal Roofing For Increased Property Value

If you’re searching for a tried-and-true way to amplify your property value and safeguard your home against all elements, you need to invest in metal roofing.

Metal roofing is cost-effective, and these robust roofing systems can last around 50 years. With these roofs, you will never have to worry about insect damage, rot, or fire damage since metal roofs are impervious to fire and other elements compared to conventional roofing.

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