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How To Inspect A Metal Roof In Hickory, NC

How To Inspect A Metal Roof In Hickory, NC

How To Inspect A Metal Roof In Hickory, NC


Did you know that metal roofs can last forever if taken care of? Research into metal roofing solutions found that it’s a sustainable material to use for rooftops as it keeps your home well-insulated, providing energy-saving benefits, among others.

But that doesn’t mean metal roofs shouldn’t see a specialist now and then. Here’s how an expert will inspect a metal roof to make sure it’s in good condition.

Conduct A Visual Assessment

A metal roofing expert will begin with a visual assessment of your metal roof to check for any signs of damage from the weather. This might look like dents in your roofing or the seams pulling away. Both these concerns can be addressed by a professional who has the safety gear and training to do the job.

Walk Along The Roof To Find Leaks Or Cracks

To properly inspect a metal roof, your contractor will take a closer look at your roofing to identify sites of leakage or cracks. This might reveal additional dents and seam tears once the contractor can get a better look.

Check The Underlayment For Potential Issues

Sometimes your metal roofing might be at risk of big leakages depending on the climate that you experience. This is the direct result of your metal roof reacting to extreme rises and drops in the climate, which can force the underlayment of your roofing to expand and contract depending on the temperature outside.

Speak with a metal roofing expert if you believe something of this sort might be up with your roofing.

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Inspect Your Gutters For Blockages

It’s not enough to just inspect a metal roof; you also need to look at the roof’s surrounding components, such as your gutters. The gutters around your home are responsible for directing water away from your house’s foundation, so if you notice the pipes splitting away from the foundation, call our metal roofing experts.

Our metal roofing solutions in Hickory, NC, are delivered by expert contractors for the past 30 years. They are also well-versed in how to inspect a metal roof for any signs of deterioration. So get rid of your shingle rooftop and replace it with metal roofing by scheduling an appointment with our professional roofers today!

You can also get a free quote by calling our office.

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