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How To Prepare Your Roof For Weather Disasters

How To Prepare Your Roof For Weather Disasters

How To Prepare Your Roof For Weather Disasters


In harsher climates (extreme cold and heat), your home will undergo wear and tear that usually requires little maintenance. And part of that maintenance is being prepared for disasters to hit. That’s why we always recommend our clients have a plan in place for such instances.

Here’s a short guide on how to prepare your roof well in time for a storm.

1. Inspect Your Home’s Gutters

The first thing you should look into is your home’s drainage system. That’s right, to prepare your roof for a storm means inspecting the gutter pipes to find debris that might block the water flow from the roof. We recommend getting your gutters cleaned annually to keep them fully functional throughout the year.

2. Find And Replace Broken Shingles

Your roof may have shingles that have been installed to protect your home’s insulation. But sometimes, changes in the climate cause shingles to crack or chip away. If these broken shingles aren’t replaced, they can cause leakages and make other roof damage worse, so it’s always safest to have a specialist or a roofing contractor come to replace the broken shingles.

Here’s more on how authorities recommend you protect your roof.

A residential facility after its roof has been fully constructed and painted over.

3. Maintain Roof Underside

Sometimes the underside of your roof might develop cracks over time, which can lead to serious seepage issues that demand expensive repairs and restorations. The best way to prepare your roof against storms and other climate disasters is to keep its underside maintained, as it’s responsible for keeping vapors and moisture out.

4. Clean Your Backyard

Debris lying freely in your backyard can be quite dangerous during a storm with strong winds, as it might become projectiles being flung around. To avoid having your windows broken or risking a serious injury, get your backyard cleaned while your roof is being checked for any signs of damage.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to prepare your roof even for a thunderstorm!

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