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Is A Metal Roof Worth Your Investment?

Is A Metal Roof Worth Your Investment?

Is A Metal Roof Worth Your Investment?


Building your own home is a special milestone that requires informed decision-making. From architectural planning to interior design, there are several aspects to consider, especially if it’s your first home. And if you’ve already embarked on this journey in North Carolina, then you’ll know just how expensive it is to make a house today.

But here’s a solution for you that you perhaps didn’t see coming. Instead of using clay shingles that’ll cost a lot, here are several reasons we believe installing a metal roof’s worth your investment.

1. Lasts Forever

Arguably the best thing about metal roofs is their durability, given that most metal rooftops come with warranties of over 15 years and up to lifetime warranties. Because metal is a non-porous material, it will not let your roof leak or corrode as easily as other materials.

2. Easy On The Wallet

Another reason why a metal roof’s worth your investment is that it doesn’t ask for much investment in the first place! Metal roofs are significantly cheaper than clay or brick shingles, some of which can be quite expensive to install and maintain.

3. Simple Installation

Did you know that a metal roof installation for a humble home takes only a few hours? Metal roofs are easy to install compared with other materials because they weigh a lot less than bricks shingles, for example.

A place of residence with a shingle rooftop during the day.

4. Energy-Efficient

Since metal roofs allow for now heat exchange, your home will stay cozy even after you’ve turned the heating off, offering you energy efficiency unlike any other material! For people who are concerned about their carbon footprint, we believe that a metal roof’s worth your investment.

5. Little To No Maintenance

To top it all off, metal roofs are fairly low maintenance as there aren’t any shingles to break or damage, and they can also withstand winds up to 140 mph. What more can a homeowner ask for?

Still wondering whether a metal roof’s worth your investment? Speak with a roofing contractor that has years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining metal roofs across North Carolina by calling Gator Metal Roofing. Our specialists can install a new metal roof on your property in just a few hours, so call now and get your free property

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