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Metal Roof Cost will Save Home Owners Money over time

Metal Roof Cost will Save Home Owners Money over time

Metal Roof Cost will Save Home Owners Money over time


Metal Roof Cost

It may be hard to believe, but metal roofing is the most energy-efficient roofing material on the market today. Think of it this way. The roof of any building gets more direct sun exposure than any other part of the building. Metal roofs reflect a lot of this heat up and away from the building, which is why they’re considered so energy efficient.

A high-quality metal roof installed by a roofing professional can save you upwards of 40% on your total energy costs. That is a game-changer; with energy costs rising at unprecedented levels as of late, we could all stand to save some money where possible. This means the metal roof cost you pay for installation really will pay off over time.

gator metal 3Energy efficiency is generally going to be measured by three main metrics.

Thermal resistance: How well a material can resist the flow of heat or thermal energy. You can think of this simply as transferring heat or cold. Ideally, you want something with a high thermal resistance that’ll keep your home comfortable year-round without breaking the bank on heating and cooling bills.

Reflectivity: This is just how capable your roof is of reflecting heat up in the direction it came and not absorbing that heat itself and transferring it to your home.

Emissivity: How capable your metal roof is of radiating the sun’s heat up and away from home rather than heating your home as time goes on.

Solar reflectivity is a game changer

As we mentioned at the start, the single most significant thing that metal roofing has going for it is its ability to reflect a massive amount of energy away from your home. We’ll use asphalt shingles as a comparison since they are so common; these are fantastic at absorbing all the heat energy that hits them and transferring that directly into your home. It is not ideal if it is warm outside and you want to stay cool in your own home without spending an arm and a leg.

This means the metal roof cost of installation pays off over time in maintenance.

For many, the metal roof cost can be hard to picture.  How can a metal roof keep the things under it so much more relaxed? Here’s an example that just about anyone can relate to – your car hood! If you’ve ever had to pop the hood for any reason, any time during the summer, you know just how incredibly hot that hood can get. Meanwhile, it keeps your engine and other critical components shaded and relatively cool. Metal is incredible in the realm of dissipating heat.

gator metal 9A great example of a surface with horrible solar reflectivity is just the asphalt roads that we drive every day. Dark-colored shingles have been measured to get as warm as 160 degrees during peak sunlight and will continue to radiate this heat long after the sun has set. Same with your asphalt shingles.

Metal Roofing offers Much More Than JUST Energy Savings

A new metal roof could immediately boost your home’s resale value by 6%. That’s not to mention the apparent effect on curb appeal. You’re going to recoup your cost easily over the lifespan of your roof from the energy savings that it offers alone.

Gator Metal Roofing is also very proud to offer a lifetime warranty on the metal roofs that we install. Some home insurance companies will even offer discounts if you have a metal roof because they are so much safer and more efficient than anything else on the market all around.

Another minor plus is that if you ever replace your metal roof, it can almost all be recycled to be used again someday! On the other hand, asphalt shingles will just join the tens of millions of additional tons of shingle waste already out there, making a current issue that much worse.

Metal roof cost of installation is more affordable than you think with Gator Metal Roofing.

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