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Installation will make or break your metal roof

Installation will make or break your metal roof

Installation will make or break your metal roof


How important is your metal roof installation?

Well, the hard part is done; you’ve done your research and decided that a metal roof is perfect for you and your home. Of course, every little thing and component of your metal roof installation is essential, from material to style and color, but installation is the most critical factor in your control. The installation, at the end of the day, is going to be the thing that makes or breaks your metal roof.

Labor generally takes up a majority of the cost of a new metal roof installation, generally somewhere in the 60% range, so if you’re already making that hefty investment, the least you can do is ensure you’re going to get good value for every penny that you spend. Low-quality roofing that is installed expertly will actually generally last you even longer than high-quality metal roofing that is installed poorly or improperly.

metal roof 7Compared to your average asphalt roofing material, metal roofs take more time to install, more skill to install correctly, and more slight variations of installation techniques depending on the person or contractor you are working with. It really pays to do your due diligence and do some background research, don’t be afraid to discuss the specifics with your metal roofing installer. Ideally, you want to choose a roof installer with a good number of years of experience behind them; that’s usually where you’re going to find the most competent contractors.

Ask the Right Questions

You should never hire a contractor to do any work on your home before you have the chance to talk to them and ask any questions you may have. Here are some of the most fundamental questions that we feel you NEED to ask any potential roofing company before you do any business with them. It’s not to say there are tons of companies out there looking to rip you off, but you need to spend your hard-earned money wisely; it would be a shame for it to go to waste.

  • Are you a fully licensed and insured metal roofing contractor?
  •  How long have you been in the roofing business? Metal roofing specifically?
  •  What is the warranty for my metal roof?
  •  What, roughly, is your installation process?
  •  What steps do you take to ensure the safety of your crew and my home?
  •  Is part of your work also going to include all needed cleanup when the install is done?

Research Online to make the choice easier

metal roof 10With anything in life, doing background research and due diligence will almost always help you save time, money, and frustration. Here are, at the very least, the things you need to look for online when doing your research.

  • Look for a portfolio of completed past metal roof installation
  • Check out reviews from past customers, ask friends and family if they have heard anything
  • Browse social media and the website, see how they present themselves online. If they care enough to craft a nice web presence, they probably care enough to get your metal roof installation done well the first time around.

Experts Exist out there for a reason

You’re a busy homeowner; you’ve probably got better things to do than learn every little detail and something about metal roofing. You want to leave as little room for things to go wrong as possible, and all of your research will help you to do that! If you want to make it easy for yourself, you should look into working with the pros at Gator Metal Roofing. We offer a lifetime warranty and will work hard to ensure your metal roof looks and works perfectly for as long as you may have it.

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