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Warning Signs Your House Needs a New Metal Roof Stat!

Warning Signs Your House Needs a New Metal Roof Stat!

Warning Signs Your House Needs a New Metal Roof Stat!


Homeowners must be able to identify signs of damage on their residential roofs to ensure timely repair and replacement. A faulty, dingy roof can expose your home to weather, heat, fire, and impact hazards and make it more susceptible to moisture damage.

Read this blog to learn the key warning signs indicating that your home needs a new metal house roof ASAP.

1. Extensive Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion are two common issues that can occur in poor-quality, substandard metal roofs. While a few scratches and scuff marks aren’t worrisome, you shouldn’t delay repairs in case of noticeable moisture buildup and rust. Corrosion can spread to other parts of a roof and eventually weaken its foundation and structural integrity.

A newly installed metal roof

2. Leaks

Do you know that most building-related problems are caused by water intrusion, and a leaky roof can be the main culprit behind this nuisance? Homeowners should never ignore roof leaks and have their ceiling repaired right away. Some common signs of a leaky roof include moisture stains on walls, missing shingles, wet roof decking, and damaged roof surfaces.

Consider opting for a metal roof, as it offers superior resistance against fire, water, moisture, and weather.

3. Damaged Metal Panels

Low-quality metal roofs often succumb to storms, debris, and falling branches. Check your metal roof for dents and marks that can ultimately lead to leaks and energy loss. Damaged metal panels must be repaired or replaced immediately to prevent further damage to your home. Other signs that indicate irreversible roof damage include peeling paint, sagging, overheating, and sloping decking.

Choose our metal roofing made of Galvalume metal and finished with smart pain technology for complete protection against rain, wind, hail, and severe temperatures. Our metal roof maintenance and replacement experts are equipped with the latest tools and follow OSHA-compliant protocols for roof installation and repair.

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