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How To Pick The Right Color For Your Metal Roof

How To Pick The Right Color For Your Metal Roof

How To Pick The Right Color For Your Metal Roof


You might think what the big deal about choosing a color for your metal roof’s paint job is. Well, as research suggests, your choice of color can impact your home’s resale value, energy efficiency, and your roof’s durability.

Here are a few tips to help you pick the right color for your metal roof.


1. Light Or Dark?

Lighter colors on a metal roof tend to reflect heat as opposed to darker ones. Light colors can also make your home seem taller than it is, which might add to your home’s aesthetic appeal and contribute to its resale value.

2. Standing Out Vs. Blending In

You should also think about whether you want your home to stand out from the rest of the houses in your neighborhood or whether you’d rather blend in. Standing out can sometimes negatively affect resale value, so make sure you speak with an expert about what’s right for you.

3. Paint Quality

An important aspect that you might ignore when picking the right color for your metal roof is the quality of the paint. Metal roofs require special paints or are coated with polyester or other compounds to ensure their durability. If you compromise on your paint quality, your roof’s paint job might begin to chip off or fade due to climate wear and tear.

A portion of a metal roof painted green with shadows from nearby tree branches.

4. Energy Efficiency

Depending on the color you choose, your home’s energy efficiency will also be impacted. Because light colors on your metal roof will reflect sunlight, you can save more on your electricity bills as your home’s temperature will be regulated longer.

5. Stylistic Coherence

Finally, the choice of color for your metal roof should take into consideration the design and overall appearance of your home. Know what’s trending these days by taking a walk in your neighborhood, and use your home’s existing colors (paint on window sills, door frames, etc.) to help guide your search.

Need an expert’s help with choosing the right color for your metal roof? Call our specialists at Gator Metal Roofing in North Carolina, who can conduct an in-house consultation on your property. You should also look into their color visualizer, which can help you narrow down color choices.

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