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The Green Roofing Option: How Do Metal Roofs Help You Save Energy And Money

The Green Roofing Option: How Do Metal Roofs Help You Save Energy And Money

The Green Roofing Option: How Do Metal Roofs Help You Save Energy And Money


Commercial and residential property owners across North Carolina and other American states are growing concerned about energy consumption. Asphalt rooftops are being replaced with metal because it’s not just cheap to install and maintain but also eco-friendly.

If you’re also becoming more conscious about the impact you’re having on the environment, you should explore green roofing options to save money on your energy bills.

Metal Vs. Other Materials

Research shows that metal roofs perform significantly better than other roofing materials (such as asphalt) in extreme weather conditions. Not only are metal roofs easier to install on virtually any kind of building or facility, but they also have a myriad of eco-friendly features that make them an ideal green roofing option.

1. Recycled Metal

Most metal roofs installed today are made from recycled metal, so much so that the roofing industry is arguably the biggest contributor to the metal recycling industry. This metal typically comes from your old appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and various electronics that are no longer functional.

2. Reflective Properties

Because metal roofs aren’t porous, they’ll reflect the sunlight that’s shining on them, regulating your home’s temperature and helping you cut costs on your energy bills. Our metal roof options can help you save around 40% on your bills, so call our experts to get a free quote on your property.

3. Lower Carbon Emissions

Ultimately, the reason that metal is considered a viable green roofing option is that it can lower your carbon emissions. This happens because metal roofs provide good insulation against weather changes. And as a direct result, your HVAC systems will pull less energy to heat or cool your home. This allows you to maintain your home’s temperature and atmosphere regardless of how hot or cold it is outside.

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4. Color Options

You can also strengthen your metal roof’s efficacy at sustaining heating and cooling levels inside your home by choosing a light color to coat your metal roof in. Lighter colors are better at reflecting sunlight than darker ones that normally absorb temperatures they interact with.

These are just some reasons why metal roofs are considered one of the best green roofing options available to homeowners and commercial property owners. To get yours, connect with our metal roof contractors in North Carolina and begin the installation.

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