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The Most Epic Roof Designs For Mid-Century Modern Homes

The Most Epic Roof Designs For Mid-Century Modern Homes

The Most Epic Roof Designs For Mid-Century Modern Homes


Mid-century modern architecture is all the rave these days, with innovative roof designs emerging across North Carolina’s suburbs and cities. But with as many roofing materials and designs now flooding the market, you might find yourself getting overwhelmed before you can even narrow down your likes from the dislikes.

This blog will help you orient your search for the most epic roof designs for your dream mid-century home.

Explaining Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Initially seen as homes that emerged across America after the Second World War, mid-century modern architecture today refers to certain style features and design considerations. This style of architecture is characterized by clean lines, functional designs, and the use of organic materials in construction, i.e., bricks, stone, wood, etc.

By the late 1960s, various architectural styles emerged under the mid-century modern home category, all of which carried a simplistic yet modern and sophisticated feel to them.

Roof Designs You Should Consider

Mid-century modern architecture has given the most epic roof designs in American history. Here are some roof designs you should consider.

1. Flat

The flat roof emerged as a key design in modern architecture for its sleekness and simplicity. Many homes in North Carolina are incorporating flat roofs for their aesthetic advantages. However, flat rooftops aren’t the best at resisting climate wear and tear, as snow and debris might not slide off as easily.

A portion of a metal roof painted green with shadows from nearby tree branches.

2. A-Frame

Initially common in snowy, mountainous terrain, the A-frame roof is one of the most epic roof designs to popularize across America after World War II. The ‘A’ of the roof is usually at the center of the house, giving a stylish and powerful look. This frame is also easier to maintain than a flat roof, as the slope helps to let debris slide right off.

3. Low-Slung

You might have come across a low-slung roof at a ranch or home in NC. Unlike flat roofs, this one can allow snow shedding to keep your roof from developing leaks or corrosion. Low-slung roofs are considered quite desirable, as their minimalist designs continue to grow more popular across the states.

Get connected with reputable metal roof contractors in North Carolina and get your home with the most epic roof design installed. Our services include a free consultation as well as a color visualizer that can help narrow down your aesthetic preferences further. Call now to speak with our experts and book your appointments.

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