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What Is A Standing Seam Underlayment And How To Choose One For Your New Roof

What Is A Standing Seam Underlayment And How To Choose One For Your New Roof

What Is A Standing Seam Underlayment And How To Choose One For Your New Roof


Protecting your roof with the right materials is essential if you want it to last long. Underlayment is essentially the material used to line the insides of your roof as a layer of protection between the deck and the last layer of your roof. This acts as an additional layer of proofing against climate change.

Read this blog to learn about standing seam underlayment and how choosing the ideal one for you can protect your home from corrosion and seepage issues.

Standing Seam Underlayment Explained

Roofing underlayment is typically used to provide homes with a diverse set of protections, such as against chemical degradation, fires, and moisture. Standing seam underlayment refers to underlayment whose seams are elevated from the metal roofing components. Raising the seams or making them ‘stand’ is done to provide greater protection against moisture, fire, and chemical degradation, to name a few.

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Choosing The Right Underlayment For You

Finding the right standing steel underlayment for your property involves knowing what materials are used to create roof underlayments today. Here are three options that you can go with for your metal roof:

1. Felt

On the more common end of underlayment materials, felt comes in several kinds (organic reinforced, inorganic reinforced, etc.), some of which are better at protecting your roof than others. Unfortunately, felt underlayments aren’t always offering the best protection from moisture and other concerns and should ideally be used if your metal roof has a slope.

2. Synthetic Sheet

Perhaps a little better in terms of protection against wind and water than felt, synthetic sheets are normally made using polyethylene. Installing synthetic sheets to your metal roof might be a tad bit more expensive than installing felt underlayment.

3. Self-adhering Membrane

This membrane is the most expensive solution to your metal roofing problem but it is also the most durable and effective, making self-adhering membranes ideal for standing seal underlayments as well. Unlike the other two materials, the membrane qualifies as an air barrier, keeping vapors and moisture at bay.

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