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Why You Shouldn’t Undertake DIY Roof Installations In Henderson, NC

Why You Shouldn’t Undertake DIY Roof Installations In Henderson, NC

Why You Shouldn’t Undertake DIY Roof Installations In Henderson, NC


Besides compromising your physical safety, there are plenty of other risks of DIY roofing solutions that we always warn our clients against. Part of the reason we warn against DIY roofing solutions is that you don’t receive any warranties on your product, and the installation process might be faulty, all of which can lead to major expenses that you may have to incur.

Here are some risks of DIY roofing solutions that you should be aware of so you can make an informed decision about your home’s security.

You’re At Risk Of Fatal & Non-Fatal Injuries

According to data provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the risk of getting injuries (non-fatal) is the highest when it comes to installation and repair work of any kind. This is a major risk of DIY roofing solutions that could potentially leave you seriously injured, so we recommend that you leave your metal roof installations to the experts.

You Might Lose Your Warranty

Another risk of DIY roofing solutions is that many roofing contractors have terms and conditions that come with their rooftop warranty (if any are given, that is). This means that only under those terms and conditions will the warranty apply, and if you were to make permanent changes to your metal roof, they might violate these terms and conditions, leaving you with a void rooftop warranty.

You Might End Up Spending More On Comparison

While it may look simple enough, there’s a lot to consider before undertaking a roof installation or repair project. From the cost and quality of materials to their transportation and the project timeline, there can be several unexpected expenses that you might not be prepared for.

That’s why our roofing contractors believe that the risks of DIY roofing solutions far outweigh the benefits, which is why you should always hire a reputable roofing service.

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Avoid all risks of DIY roofing solutions with our expert metal roofing installers in Henderson, NC, who have all the safety gear and training to tackle your roof work. Our contractors can also paint your metal roofs with our smart paint technology to improve your home’s insulation.

Call us today and get your free quote on installing a new metal roof!


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