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All You Need to Know About Metal Roof Restoration In Jacksonville, NC

All You Need to Know About Metal Roof Restoration In Jacksonville, NC

All You Need to Know About Metal Roof Restoration In Jacksonville, NC


Metal roofing solutions are some of the most resilient in terms of protecting your home against several dangers i.e. water damage, fire, and strong winds, etc. And not to mention that most of them can be easily recycled.

But that doesn’t mean that metal roofs don’t need any maintenance work every now and then. Read this blog to learn how metal roof restorations in Jacksonville, NC are executed by our well-experienced contractors.

Three Types Of Metal Roof Restoration Coatings

While there are many steps that go into metal roof restorations such as priming the surface and repairing the seams, metal roof coatings are perhaps the most common. These coats bring added protection to your rooftops against climate events and everyday wear and tear, elongating the life of your roof.

For the most part, the following three metal roof restoration coatings are used across various cities of North Carolina.

1. Aluminium

This coating can be applied either using a spray or a roll-on to evenly coat all the panels. Aluminium coatings usually allow 50% of the sun’s rays to be absorbed while the remaining 50% to be reflected back. The biggest upside to using this coating is that you only need to apply a thin layer for it to work.

2. Silicone

Another popular metal roof restoration coating is silicone, which is considered the best material to use for coating your metal roofs by many roofing experts. These coatings are incredibly durable and provide the best coverage, meaning that the chances of seepage reduce significantly.

3. Acrylic

Acrylic coatings are the oldest metal roof restoration coating that you’ll find today, and continue to be the more widely-used restorative tool when compared with the others. Cheap, easy to apply, and versatile application all make this a highly desirable coating.

Gator Metal Roofing

But if you’re looking for waterproof metal roof restoration, speak first with an experienced roofing contractor for expert opinion.

For more on metal roof restoration and roofing solutions by experts in Jacksonville NC, consider getting in touch with Gator Metal Roofing. Not only do we provide free estimates on your roofing needs, but also have over 15 colors for your roof to choose from!

Call now to schedule your appointment.

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  1. It’s interesting to know that the coating for metal roofing can also be a bit varied. I’d like to find a good metal roofing contractor soon because I’m thinking about finding a good way to make my home’s maintenance easier to do. With metal roofing, repairs wouldn’t be needed as frequently.